Latvijā ražoti siltumizolācijas materiāli un celulozes šķiedra



In early 2019 SIA Balticfloc participated in three international exhibitions – in Latvia, Estonia and Germany, where it showed visitors its products and presented the product of the LIFE PHIPP project – a new heat insulation material, which will be made of recycled low class waste paper and hemp fibre. The fourth exhibition “Resta” is expected to take place in Lithuania from April 24 to 27 and will be the last spring exhibition of 2019 to see a SIA Balticfloc representative and to get to know all products better.
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The first exhibition took place from 14 to 16 March at the international construction industry exhibition “Māja I 2019”, which was attended by 32 261 visitors from 17 countries. This is the largest construction industry event in Latvia, reflecting modern construction trends, technology development, and providing direct dialogue between construction and other related industries professionals and end users in the Baltics, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Asia.

April started with the 22nd international exhibition in Tallinn“Estbuild”, where the emphasis is on innovative technologies and materials in the construction industry.

The largest exhibition, where SIA Balticfloc presented its products this spring, took place from 8 to 14 April in Germany - BAUMA.This is the world's leading construction industry exhibition, featuring an international range of products, meeting industry professionals and potential partners, bringing new customers and contacts. This exhibition determines the rhythm and direction of the construction industry. This time, 620 000 guests from different parts of the world attended the exhibition.