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The information was prepared by Baiba Mārcēna, the Public Relations Specialist of the LIFE Support Unit of the Administration of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund.
A meeting on LIFE programme projects implemented in Latvia was held in Ķemeri on 31 August 2018. The purpose of the event was to inform its attendants about progress in the project and further plans, challenges, share experiences and discuss topical matters and problems related to the implementation of LIFE programme projects.Read more (te uzklikšķinot atveras viss pārējais teksts - zemāk)

The event brought together 27 representatives of 13 LIFE programme projects currently ongoing in Latvia. LIFE CoHaBit, LIFE AskREACH, LIFE FitForReach, LIFE Restore, LIFE CRAFT, LIFE Grasservice, LIFE Viva Grass, LIFE AQPOM, LIFE Ecosystem Services, LIFE Birds in Ādaži, LIFE PHIPP, LIFE Hydroplan, CAPLIFELAT.
During the event the leading implementers and partners of Latvian LIFE projects presented latest news about their projects, what they have accomplished during the year and their future plans and shared their experiences as they implemented LIFE programme projects of the European Union.
Individual presentations on the LIFE project were followed by discussions, where best practice examples and the most serious complications and challenges faced by implementers of LIFE programme projects were discussed. During the discussions, there was a possibility to ask questions to monitors of LIFE programme projects from NEEMO EEIG (invited monitoring group authorised by the European Commission) – Inta Dūce and Lūcija Kursīte.
During the second part of the event all the interested persons had a tour of the places touched by the LIFE programme project “Restoring the hydrological regime of the Kemeri National Park) (HYDROPLAN). During the tour attendants saw the restored wetland territories of the Kemeti National Park in Tukums Municipality, Džuksne and Slampe Counties, – the restored curvy flow of Skudrupīte in Melnragu Meadows and Dunduru Fields, as well as in adjacent forest territories. Pastures for heck cattle and wild horses created to contribute to preservation of typical and rare species characteristic for flood-plain grasslands were inspected. Pastures and restored landscapes can be seen from two 5 m high viewing platforms, which serve as sites to attract tourists.
Such a meeting is organised for the third year within the scope of project “Capacity Building for the LIFE Programme implementation in Latvia” (CAP LIFE LAT).
At the end of September, a similar meeting will be held on the Baltic scale, where projects ongoing in Latvia will share their experiences with Lithuanian and Estonian colleagues, as well as learn from examples of other countries of the Baltic Sea Region (Denmark, Finland).
About LIFE programme
The LIFE programme is an EU (European Union) financial instruments in the area of environment and climate aiming to promote, highlight, develop and implement the environmental and climate policy of the EU co-financing projects with European added value. The total budget of the Life programme for 2018-2020 programming period is EUR 1,657 million. National funding is also available for the implementation of projects approved by the EU. The LIFE programme has been in place in Latvia since 2001 and 47 projects have been successfully implemented with its support.
About LIFE Support Unit – project CAP LIFE LAT
CAP LIFE LAT (Project No. LIFE14CAP/LV/000002 “Capacity Building for LIFE Programme implementation in Latvia”) is a LIFE project implemented by the Ministry of Environmental Projection and Regional Development (VARAM) and the Administration of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund (LVAFA) for the purposes of promoting a successful LIFE programme project in Latvia, providing support to project applicants and implementers.
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