Cellulose fibre and pellets

Balticfloc produces cellulose fibre and pellet for SMA asphalt mixtures, reducing the runoff of bitumen during production, transportation and handling of asphalt. Balticfloc cellulose fibre and pellets are obtained from wastepaper processing, which makes the manufactured products to be ecological and economical.



We offer 2 types of pellets:

  • Cellulose fibre + binder
  • Cellulose fibre+ bitumen


Stabilizing cellulose additive is used by automated asphalt plants (with automatic dispensers). Stabilizing cellulose additive plays an important role in bitumen runoff prevention. Additive prevents the runoff of bitumen during the production, transportation and handling time.


SMA asphalt is characterized by:

  • High mechanical strength
  • Low dependency on temperature fluctuations
  • High resistance to wear and deformation

Increased active bitumen quantity in the SMA asphalt composition compared with conventional asphalt, allows extending the pavement life and durability.
Real road construction experts perfectly know how effective and efficient it is to use the cellulose fibre, as a stabilizing additive.