Absorption material

Balticfloc produces high-grade cellulose fibre absorption material, which is one of the most effective absorbents for a variety of environmentally hazardous liquid waste - oils, petroleum products, solvents, chemicals, etc., to eliminate the consequences of their spill and protect the environment.


The absorption material is suitable for contamination recovery both on land and water, as well as over the internal surface area. The material has a high absorption capacity, which provides for a fast and efficient collection of environmentally hazardous substances, thus preventing environmental pollution.

The treatment of contaminated surfaces is performed by spreading or mechanically scattering the absorption material over the contaminated site and later, when the pollution has been absorbed, by collecting the material for disposal. The absorption process in water takes about 30-60 seconds. The contaminated absorption material is collected mechanically.



Ecology of the material

Balticfloc cellulose fibre absorption material is produced by recycling wastepaper, which during the production is processed, repeatedly crushed, separated from impurities, to become a clean, new product. As a result, the raw material and the production process, as well as the final product are ecologically clean, environmentally friendly and economical, as well as safe for the workers, who work with it.