Alternative Recycling of Waste Paper and Hemp Fibre into Innovative Heat Insulation Materials with Improved Thermal Conductivity
LIFE17 ENV/LV/000335





EXPECTED TIMEFRAME OF THE PROJECT: 03/09/2018 - 31/06/2023


Total eligible project budget: 2,943,225 Euro
EU financial contribution requested: 1,761,135 Euro (= 60.00% of total eligible budget)
VRAA contribution: 480 000 Euro


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LIFE_PHIPP will demonstrate the environmental benefits and cost effectiveness of a new type of building insulation material made of recycled paper and hemp fibre. This will be manufactured at a pilot facility in Latvia. The new insulation mats are designed to be easy-to-install, structurally sound and with thermal insulation properties comparable to those of mineral wool.


Other advantages will include breathability, recyclability and health safety benefits. The product will be manufactured at about one-third of the cost of pure natural fibre material. It will be displayed in retail building material stores making it widely accessible to individual homeowners.



A huge amount of waste paper arising from household waste is buried at landfills or burned, despite the fact that waste paper is recycled relatively well (on average approx. 70% in Europe).


LIFE_PHIPP  objective  is to promote the amount of recycled waste paper and waste paper sorting activities in the region by developing a prototype of technology for producing the soft insulation panels and developing the optimal recipe for the thermal insulation layers (density, composition, thermal conductivity, air and sound permeability).



  1. A stable production process capable of manufacturing 250 cubic metres per day of paper-hemp building insulation mats (batts), which can supply 7% of the estimated market of mineral wool insulation in Latvia;
  2. An expected lifetime of at least 10 years for the pilot plant, which will manufacture different blended insulation materials, develop and test new combinations and mixes and provide demonstration material for different markets and applications; 3) All required certification and eco-labelling for demonstration and sale of the insulation
  3. All required certification and eco-labelling for demonstration and sale of the insulation mats in Latvia and three key markets - UK, Germany, and Finland. The news mats will be installed in demonstration buildings in all four countries;
  4. Draft green procurement specifications and technical information on the design, installation, use and end-of-life disposal of the paper-hemp insulation mats for each of the four target markets;
  5. Manufacturing process and new product presented to at least 50 organisations in Europe, including potential technology entrepreneurs, manufacturers of loose paper or hemp insulation, paper collectors and recyclers, and professional associations of civil engineers and architects.


  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Reducing the use of hazardous substances;
  • Waste management promotion;
  • Energy saving;
  • Circular economy promotion;
  • Increasing employment