Sorting of waste

For manufacturing of cellulose fibre and its products Balticfloc cooperates with the largest companies collecting secondary raw materials in the region. Approximately 85% of the wastepaper brought to the company's production facility come from Latvia, and in the recycling process the paper is transformed into new products - cellulose fibre, pellets or thermal insulation material.


To develop the wastepaper recycling in the country, the population shall be actively involved in the sorting of waste, separating from the total amount of household waste the recyclable materials - paper, cardboard and their products. Wastepaper can be for free handed over for recycling, therefore reducing the total amount of the generated household waste and thus also reducing the household costs of waste collection. It is easy and financially advantageous to sort waste.


Unnecessary paper and cardboard shall be discarded in special containers for separate collection of paper (usually blue) or brought to EKO sites. All sorted waste will be delivered for recycling, saving resources, protecting the environment and saving space in dumps.