Balticfloc Ltd. - wastepaper recycling into innovative and ecological materials

Balticfloc is the most experienced wastepaper recycling company in Latvia with the broadest array of recycled products. Moreover Balticfloc is the only company in Latvia that produces unique paper processing products - cellulose additives to asphalt and absorption material for collection of environmentally hazardous products. While developing the production capacity, the company constantly learns new technologies and carries out research work for the creation of innovative products. Balticfloc cooperates with research institutes in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Finland testing the manufactured products and developing the original environmentally friendly products.

After the introduction in Latvia of a modern wastepaper processing line, in the plant of Balticfloc in the first half a year there were processed about 160 tons of wastepaper, obtaining high-quality cellulose fibre with a wide range of application possibilities.