Thermal insulation materials and cellulose fibre manufactured in Latvia


Balticfloc produces ecological cellulose mulch and mulch pellets excellently suited for the needs of hydroseeding. Mulch and pellets are produced from the processed wastepaper, thus the raw material and the production process, as well as the finished product is ecologically clean and environmentally friendly.

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Hydroseeding method

Hydroseeding is an ecological, environmentally friendly and very economical way of erosion control and lawn sowing. Hydroseeding is based on water, cellulose mulch and minerals, as well as grass seeds, which are bound to each other by using natural and environmentally safe binders. The obtained slurry by a special installation device with pressure is sprayed over the soil, covering it with an even seed - nutrient – stabilizer layer. By adding a green dye to the homogeneous slurry, the processed areas can be surveyed and they get a visual effect before the grass sprouts.




Application of hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is suitable for all types of lawns. The method is particularly suitable for:

Landscaping of private or industrial sites
Steep slope greening and strengthening
Establishment of actively exploited lawns (eg., golf courses or school sports grounds)
Landscaping of dry and difficult to access places
Rapid lawn establishment
Landscaping of industrial areas (eg., airfields, industrial areas)
Landscaping of parks and grave sites




Advantages of hydroseeding method

  • Evenly thick and lush lawn
    Fast germination and growth of the grass
    Efficient lawn fertilization already in the sowing time
    The cellulose mass within the hydroseeding slurry forms binders, which protect the lawn surface against erosion, leaching, burn in the sun or trampling
    Hydroseeding is also suitable for strengthening and landscaping of sloping lawns
    Economical method enables to sow a nice lawn even on a poor soil
    Green pigment brings an immediate greening effect until the grass has not yet germinated


Cellulose mulch pellets

Balticfloc offers to buy cellulose mulch pellets, which allow to transport the material in a more convenient and economical way.



Advantages of cellulose mulch pellets

  • Quickly dissolves in water mixture
    More convenient transportation
    Economically advantageous transportation