Thermal insulation materials and cellulose fibre manufactured in Latvia

Balticfloc offers to purchase a unique thermal insulation material Grand Full - polystyrene thermal insulation pellets. Grand Full is an effective thermal insulation material that is especially suitable for the insulation of the exterior walls of old buildings, filling the air gaps and empty cavities between the outer walls.

Combining the fine texture of Grand Full material with polystyrene lightness, it is possible to quickly and accurately install it into the tightest cracks and crevices, effectively insulating even the most difficult-to-reach structures, providing for a solid installation and excellent thermal insulation.

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Grand Full properties

  • Excellent thermal insulation capacity
    Nonaging, stainless material
    Material neither settles down nor becomes compacted over time
    Tiny particles of the material fill up all the cracks and gaps of the building, suitable for thermal insulation of difficult-to-reach structures
    Easy and quick installation - free of dust, dirt, without changing the appearance of the facade
    Economical application - no leftovers


Parameter Value Standard
Thermal conductivity λ = 0,034 W/(c*K) Z - 23.12.- 1632
Construction class B2 Germany DIN 4102
Water vapour diffusion resistance μ = 5 DIN EN 12086
Compaction ratio ~ 0,5% Z - 23.12.- 1632
Capacity 22-26 kg/m3 DIN EN 1097 - 3
Storage Um=1.1% Uv=0,02% DIN EN ISO 12571
Size d ≤ 6 mm Z - 23.12.- 1632
Colour silvery grey  
Packaging 800l in bag / 0,8 m3  


Application method

Polystyrene pellets with the help of a special device are installed between the outer walls of a building with the blowing method. For the installation there is applied a special high-pressure installation device that provides for a fast and accurate laying of the material, filling any gaps, cracks and cavities.


In the external wall of the building there is made a drilled hole, creating a material installation channel. Through this small channel it is possible to insulate a significant part of the outer wall. After completion of the installation the channel is closed, completely hiding the installation spot. Fast, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.