Thermal insulation materials and cellulose fibre manufactured in Latvia


Balticfloc Ltd. manufactures and offers ecowool. Ecowool is a natural, breathable and effective thermal insulation material, produced from natural cellulose fibre, while processing wastepaper.

Due to the environmental performance of ecowool it is chosen by people, who want to insulate their homes with maximally natural materials, creating a healthy microclimate in the premises. Ecowool is also suitable for thermal insulation of industrial buildings and sound insulation indoors. Ecowool is widespread in thermal insulation of kindergartens, educational institutions and medical facilities, confirming its beneficial effects on human health.

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Balticfloc ecowool is produced in Latvia from wastepaper, obtaining valuable cellulose fibre. Therefore, the obtained product, a high-quality thermal insulation material Balticfloc ecowool, is a natural, human health-friendly and efficient solution for residential thermal insulation.


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Ecowool composition

Ecowool is a loose, light, dry mass with capillary - porous structure, 86% of its composition consist of recycled cellulose fibre (crushed paper - wood fibre) and 14% of natural salt admixture - volatile flame retardants and antiseptics. Due to such a composition, the material is completely safe in manufacturing, assembly and exploitation. It excellently provides for the resistance against fire spread, does not rot, does not grow mouldy and prevents the spread of rodents.


Ecowool benefits

  • Ecologically clean raw materials
    Effective thermal insulating properties
    Breathable thermal insulation material
    Antiallergic material - safe for health both during the installation and after the installation
    Extensive application possibilities and different ways of installation
    Economical application, since there is no material waste
    Fire safe and flame-retardant material
    Excellent sound insulation properties
    Rodents and pests avoid living therein





Moisture regulating

anti alergisks





Efficient thermal insulation

skanas izolacija

Sound insulation


Fire-resistant, flame-retardant

nav kaiteklu

Pests do not live there



Ecowool application

Ecowool damp installation

Damp installation is applied in open wall constructions, providing for an efficient insulation of even completely vertical surfaces. With the help of a special device the material is sprayed over the surface to be insulated, allowing filling also of difficult-to-reach or narrow constructions. After the material has completely dried it is firmly stuck to the surface, preventing a possible surface deformation or occurrence of gaps.

Ecowool installation by damp application over the wall:

mitra iestrade


Ecowool dry horizontal installation

Dry horizontal ecowool installation is designed for the insulation of ceiling beams and attics. Ecowool with a special installation device is freely blown over the surface to be insulated, forming a thick, but at the same time breathing and regulating humidity thermal insulation layer.

Insulation of attic and interstorey space:

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Ecowool dry vertical installation

In dry installation ecowool with a special installation device with pressure is "blown" into oblique and vertical structures, such as specially constructed frames in building walls. The fine texture of the material allows installing in difficult-to-reach places, filling in all the gaps and cracks. In addition, while embedding ecowool by applying pressure, the material is tightly compacted, ensuring that with time it will not settle down.

Insulation of oblique constructions and walls with ecowool:

sausa vertikala